# 03- I verbi in lingua araba - Le forme dei verbi arabi      8.2.2. Negare la frase nominale      Mauritania - موريتانيا      8-Kana e sorelle (Parte 1) - كان و أخَواتُها      Il tuo nome in Arabo - Francesca      Esercizio 2-7 Lam lunare e lam solare - esercizio      4- Vocalizzazione delle lettere س ش ص ض       Chiara legge un dialogo ... (2)      Un verbo al giorno - كَتَبَ - Scrivere      3° Liv. #17 - Un semplice esercizio - Il plurale sotto la forma "أفعال "      Esercizio 1.7 - Dettato arabo . ألإمــــــــلاء       Vocalizziamo 2° schema - come vocalizzare correttamente      # 08- I verbi in lingua araba - Le forme dei verbi arabi      # 14- I verbi in lingua araba - Le forme dei verbi arabi      8.7. Inna (enna) e le sue sorelle - إنَّ و أخَواتُها       ألضمائر في اللغة الايطالية      Appunti per l'insegnamento della lingua araba ai non-arabi      7.3.A.3- L'imperativo -فِعلُ الأمر      #09-Corso CONTINUO di lingua araba - Lettere solari       3° Liv. #01 - C. C. L.- Inizio 3° livello - Avverbi di tempo "dopo" e "Prima"      L'arte e l'architettura indo-islamica      Il tuo nome in Arabo - Lorenzo      10ª Lettera dell'alfabeto arabo - راء - Rā´      15ª Lettera dell'alfabeto arabo - ضاد - Ḍād      #62- Riassunto 1° Liv. - Alfabeto arabo      #03-Corso CONTINUO di lingua araba - le lettere (iniziale, mediana, finale e isolata)       03- Parole e frasi comuni      2° Liv. #12 - C. C. L. A. - Soluzione verifica e avverbi di luogo      Esercizio 4.2 (Gioco) - La Parola Perduta       Perle di saggezza - La speranza      L'Arabo Leggero #4      2° Liv. #11 - C. C. L. A. - Parti del corpo e avverbi + verifica      11ª Lettera dell'alfabeto arabo - زاي - Zāy      Differenza di pronuncia tra le lettere خاء e كاف       Il tuo nome in Arabo - Donata      3° Fascicolo - Nella strada - في الطريق      3° Liv. #27 - Come distinguere il suono di alcune lettere e come scriverle in modo corretto      3.2.C- I Numerali Cardinali - da 20-99      Un verbo al giorno - تَرَكَ - Lasciare      #16- C.C.L.A. - Pronomi attaccati       E' la festa .... Auguri a tutti - عيد أضحى مبارك      Benvenuti nel nostro sito      #39-Corso CONTINUO di lingua araba - la lettera "gim" جيم       Il tuo nome in Arabo - Angela      1.1. Premessa - ألمُقَدَّمة       2° Liv. #13 - C. C. L. A. - Singolare, duale e plurale - dal vivo      6.11- Aggettivi Dimostrativi      6.14- Desinenze Dei Nomi      #49-Corso CONTINUO di Arabo - La lettera "Ain " عين e la lettera "Ttaà" طاء       Qatar - قطر     
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Come andiamo ragazzi?

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31/12/2020 07:14 #1 da WilliamR
Dave Parker, Pirates, 1978: Any discussion of specialized baseball headgear has to begin with the Cobra. After fracturing his jaw and cheekbone in a home plate collision with Mets catcher John Stearns on May 30, 1978, he returned to the lineup a few weeks later and quickly cycled through a series of bizarre-looking attempts to protect his injured face:

Put another way: The 2020 Phillies got about 3 WAR from players they "developed," a term we'll define to cover any player who originally lost his rookie status with the franchise. The 2020 White Sox got about 8 WAR from those players. Only seven wins separated the two teams' records in the condensed 2020 schedule. Minnesota Twins Face Coverings

Lee: The series of small transactions the Red Sox made at the 2012 winter meetings, signing Shane Victorino and Mike Napoli, didn't make major headlines or set any contract records, but proved that the most important signings don't need to be with the highest-profile players. Victorino (.801 OPS, 15 homers, 26 doubles) and Napoli (.842, 23 homers, 38 doubles) provided depth to the Red Sox's roster and played critical roles in Boston's 2013 World Series run. Chicago White Sox Face Coverings

Wearing a mask is too hot
1. Choose masks that are made from 100 percent cotton, especially if it’s more than one layer of fabric. Cotton allows more airflow than other fabrics.

I have trouble breathing when I wear a mask
2. Choose a mask made from 100% cotton which is more breathable.
3. Add a drop of peppermint oil at the base of the mask to help ease breathing and increase comfort level.

My skin is breaking out from wearing my mask
4. Avoid use of heavy makeup, such as foundation, which can clog your pores.
5. Moisturize your skin, especially in the areas prone to irritation.
6. Wash your face before and after mask wearing.
7. Wash your masks regularly.

How to help your kids feel more comfortable wearing a mask
8. Choose a variety of fun patterns for cloth masks and have your child choose his or her favorite.
9. Get kids used to mask wearing by playing while wearing a mask.
10. Pretend it’s part of a superhero costume or a disguise.
11. Try masks that tie or the button hack explained earlier.

If wearing a mask feels challenging, remember that, for many people, it’s a normal part of the workday. Health care providers, dentists and construction workers among others, rely on masks for protection. If they can do it, we can do it! New York Mets Face Coverings

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The tests only measured outward transmission — whether the masks could block an infected person from giving off particles that might carry viruses. Los Angeles Angels Face Coverings

To do so, each of us needs to follow these three W’s: Wear a mask. Watch your distance (stay 6 feet apart). Wash your hands often.

Illustration of soap and glasses
Wash your glasses with soapy water. Then shake off the excess and let them air dry, or gently dry them with a soft tissue. Healthcare practitioners who wear glasses or protective goggles (like surgeons) have done this for decades. This technique leaves a thin film that reduces surface tension that builds up from your breath, causing the water molecules to spread out evenly into a transparent layer that defogs your glasses. Shaving cream can also work.

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